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We Buy Used Syneron Laser Equipment

When it comes to cosmetic laser systems, aesthetic laser machines and medical laser equipment, one of the most well known brands has been that of Syneron laser machines. Over the years, Syneron cosmetic lasers, Syneron medical lasers and Syneron cosmetic lasers have been popular with medical practitioners, dermatologists and aestheticians alike, and if you have a used Syneron laser machine on your hands that you are looking to get rid of, will give you top dollar for your used Syneron laser equipment at a quick turnaround speed. To find out more about how you can make the most money from the sale of your used Syneron laser machine, give us a call here at, where we will work directly with you to determine whether our outright purchase, consignment sale or rental/re-lease agreement option would work best for you.

Today, Syneron states that more than 100 million treatments each year are made using the line of Syneron laser machines and Syneron laser equipment. Founded back in 2000, Syneron is actually the parent company of popular laser brand Candela, but it also offers its own line of cosmetic laser equipment, medical laser equipment and aesthetic laser equipment under the Syneron brand. Some of the most popular cosmetic, medical and aesthetic applications for Syneron laser machines include hair removal, wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation, body contouring, vascular and lesion removal and cellulite reduction. The top models of Syneron laser machines are the eMatrix, LipoLite, VelaShape II, eMax, eLaser and eLight.

With, you will receive a personalized consultation during the sale of your used Syneron laser equipment to ensure that you are getting the best value from your used cosmetic laser machine, used medical laser machine or used aesthetic laser machine. Through our options of a rental/re-lease agreement, a consignment sale or an outright purchase, you will be sure that you are getting top dollar from the sale of your used Syneron laser machine and that you are getting that movie quickly.

Syneron Libra Laser Equipment

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The Syneron Libra laser equipment is one of the most popular options on the market when it comes to cosmetic laser systems and aesthetic laser systems that perform microdermabrasion. By using the Syneron Libra microdermabrasion laser system, aestheticians, dermatologists and other health professionals can treat patients effectively, painlessly and quickly.

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Syneron eMax Laser Equipment

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The Syneron eMax laser system works with a variety of different laser handpieces to complete a far ranging slate of cosmetic laser treatments and medical laser treatments, including everything from skin resurfacing and wrinkle reduction to surgical laser treatments. The Syneron eMax laser machine also incorporates Syneron’s exclusive elōs technology, which many patients ask for […]

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Syneron Aurora Laser Equipment

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The Syneron Aurora laser machine gives aestheticians, dermatologists and medical spa professionals the opportunity to rely on one affordable laser for a number of different aesthetic laser treatments and cosmetic laser treatments. By switching out the Syneron Aurora laser handpieces, the Syneron Aurora laser machine becomes capable of a number of treatments, including laser hair […]

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Syneron eLight Laser Equipment

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The Syneron eLight laser system is one of the best cosmetic laser systems and aesthetic laser systems on the market when it comes to working for a variety of cosmetic treatments and aesthetic treatments on the face. With its focus on the face, the Syneron eLight laser equipment can tackle everything from acne treatments to […]

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Syneron VelaSmooth Laser Equipment

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The Syneron VelaSmooth laser system offers aestheticians, dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons and health professionals a way to give their patients a variety of cellulite reducing and body contouring treatments. These types of cosmetic laser treatments and aesthetic laser treatments remain some of the most popular laser treatments in practice, and with the Syneron VelaSmooth Contour Applicator […]

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Syneron Polaris Laser Equipment

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The Syneron Polaris laser machine offers a unique feature in that it was created with specialization in mind. But unlike some machines that are specialized for only one specific task, the Syneron Polaris laser machine is specialized for two tasks, which are wrinkle reduction and leg vein removal.

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