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We Buy Used Hoya ConBio Laser Equipment

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ConBio operated for two full decades as an independent company and the industry leader in the market of aesthetic lasers and specifically tattoo removal lasers before laser manufacturer Cynosure purchased the company in summer 2011. Originally founded back in 1991, ConBio has remained an industry and worldwide leader in the aesthetic laser market throughout its entire run and even now as a subsidiary of Cynosure. ConBio laser machines are primarily manufactured in Fremont, California, and also continue to be sold throughout the world to health practitioners and dermatologists. Over the years, ConBio laser equipment has continued to be specialized in the Q-switched laser market. That specialization means that ConBio laser machines are particularly well suited and, in fact, industry leaders in the applications of removing colored tattoos, removing pigmentation and in skin rejuvenation treatments. One of the most popular models of ConBio lasers over the course of the company’s history has definitely been the Hoya ConBio, which is an industry leader in terms of removing tattoos that are of many different colors.

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