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We Buy Used Iridex Laser Equipment

Iridex laser machines have developed in to industry leaders because of how well they serve a number of medical functions for both humans and animals. If you have a used Iridex laser machine or used Iridex laser equipment around your medical practice or veterinary practice that you no longer need, contact, where we will make sure that you get top dollar for your used aesthetic laser, used medical laser or used cosmetic laser. To that end, we offer you three different options for us to buy your laser, so with a representative’s assistance, you can choose among our rental/re-lease program, our consignment sale program or our outright purchase of your used Iridex laser machine.

The Iridex Corporation began manufacturing medical laser equipment and cosmetic laser equipment back in 1989 and has remained one of the leading laser machine manufacturers in the ensuing years. Today, Iridex laser machines and Iridex laser equipment are best known for their applications in the fields of ophthalmology, otolaryngology, aesthetic medicine and veterinary medicine. Some of the most popular Iridex aesthetic laser models are the DioLite, the VariLite, the Aura I, the Gemini, they Lyra I and the Venus I. In veterinary medicine, Iridex laser models include DioVet, which focuses on veterinary ophthalmology and can correct such issues as retinal disorders, cysts, tumors and glaucoma in animals. Iridex laser machines can also treat glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy in humans.

Because of the diverse functions of the Iridex laser equipment, you will be able to make top dollar if you choose to sell your used Iridex laser machine to We are a laser buying industry leader when it comes to getting you the most money for your used Iridex laser equipment and getting you that money quickly. Contact one of our representatives to figure out today which of our three laser buying options will get you the most money for your used Iridex laser system.

Iridex VariLite Laser Equipment

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The Iridex VariLite laser machine has long been one of the leading cosmetic laser systems and aesthetic laser systems on the market for the treatment of removing bothersome veins in the legs and face as well as vascular pigment and vascular lesions. Aestheticians, dermatologists and medical practitioners regularly rely on the Iridex Varilite laser system […]

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