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We Buy Used Laserscope Laser Equipment

Used Laserscope laser machines remain hot commodities today, and here at, we can help you get the most money out of the sale of your used Laserscope laser equipment as a laser buying industry leader. One of our representatives will work directly with you to determine which of our three laser buying options will help you get the most return on the sale of your used medical laser, used cosmetic laser or used aesthetic laser manufactured by Laserscope. Through either our outright purchase, consignment sale or rental/re-lease option, guarantees you will get the most money from your used laser equipment and also that you will get that money in a quick turnaround.

Today, the Iridex Corporation manufactures Laserscope laser machines, but originally Laserscope incorporated as its own company back in 1994. Based in San Jose, California, Laserscope laser equipment soon became some of the most popular medical lasers, cosmetic lasers and aesthetic lasers on the market as the company focused on manufacturing lasers that only require minimally invasive use in medical, surgical and aesthetic procedures. In recent years, Laserscope laser machines unveiled a model that focused on urology and specifically prostatic hyperplasia, in addition to its successful fleet of machines that tackle such applications as hair removal, wrinkle removal, leg and facial vein removal, gynecology, general surgery and ear, nose and throat surgery. Some of the most popular models of Laserscope laser equipment are the Laserscope Lyra, the Laserscope Gemini and the Laserscope Aura.

If you have made the decision to get rid of your used Laserscope laser equipment, will give you top dollar at a quick turnaround for your used medical lasers, used cosmetic lasers and used aesthetic lasers. Just give us a call to find out more, and one of our representatives will discuss whether outright purchase by, consignment sale or adding your used Laserscope laser to our rental/re-lease fleet will help you get the most money from your used Laserscope laser system.

Laserscope Lyra Laser Equipment

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The Laserscope Lyra laser equipment has proven itself to be one of the most durable cosmetic laser machines, medical laser machines and aesthetic laser machines on the market today. Many clinics, medical spas and health practices that have purchased the Laserscope Lyra laser machine still rely on their Laserscope Lyra laser machine for cosmetic laser […]

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Laserscope Aura Laser Equipment

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The Laserscope Aura laser machine has been a popular choice among dermatologists, aestheticians, medical spas and other health professionals for many years because of its trademark combination of versatility and portability. Checking in at less than 75 pounds, the Laserscope Aura laser system is a laser machine you can easily move around your health practice […]

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Laserscope Gemini Laser Equipment

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The Laserscope Gemini laser system offers dermatologists, aestheticians and medical professionals a remarkable diversity of cosmetic treatment options, medical treatment options and aesthetic treatment options, ranging from acne treatment and hair removal to vascular lesion removal to skin tightening. With a variety of Laserscope Gemini laser handpieces on the market to work with the Laserscope […]

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