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We Buy Used Sciton Laser Equipment

Used Sciton laser machines and used Sciton laser equipment has a number of functions in the medical, cosmetic, aesthetic and plastic surgery fields, which makes used Sciton laser machines perennially popular in the laser buying market. Here at, we will give you top dollar for your used Sciton medical lasers, used Sciton cosmetic lasers or used Sciton aesthetic lasers. Give us a call to speak directly with one of our representatives and discuss which of our three purchase options of rental/re-lease agreements, consignment sale and outright purchase will give you the best deal on the sale of your used Sciton laser equipment and get you the money the fastest.

Over the years, Sciton lasers have been developed to be applied in a number of aesthetic, cosmetic and medical procedures, and health practitioners and aestheticians are encouraged by the company to keep learning about the functions of the lasers through its educational series of webinars aimed at health professionals and laser users. Founded back in 1997, Sciton Incorporated is located in Palo Alto, California. Sciton Incorporated is well known for a number of popular cosmetic laser and aesthetic laser models, including the Joule laser system. Today, Joule has been expanded to include a number of other models, including the BBL, the Clear Scan ALX, the Clear Scan YAG, the Countour TRL, Pro Lipo Plus, the Skin Tyte II, Clear Sense and the Therma Scan. Some of the popular treatments that Sciton laser machines are used for include acne, lipolysis, hair reduction, phototherapy, skin firming, wrinkle reduction and vascular conditions.

By choosing from the three laser buying options offered by, you can determine which will get you the most money from the sale of your used Sciton laser machine and how you can get that money the fastest. Our representatives are standing by to walk you through the process and to help you determine the best option to fit your needs on the sale of your used cosmetic laser machine, used medical laser machine or used aesthetic laser machine.

Sciton Profile MP Laser Equipment

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The Sciton Profile MP laser equipment is one of the most diverse cosmetic laser systems, medical laser systems or aesthetic laser systems available on the market. Because it works with so many different Sciton Profile MP laser heads, the Sciton Profile MP laser system can operate using different wavelengths and even using different laser types.

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