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Cutera Titan Laser Equipment

The Cutera Titan laser equipment differs from many other cosmetic lasers and medical lasers on the market because it relies on infrared light as opposed to more traditional laser technology. By utilizing infrared light, the Cutera Titan laser machine is capable of reaching deep in to the dermal layers of the skin to complete dermal heating to relieve muscle strain and other pains. With the Cutera Titan laser system, muscle aches and pains in such areas of the body as the neck, the abdomen and the back can be completely relieved in as few as one session or in up to three sessions, which makes the Cutera Titan laser system an integral part the medical laser machine and cosmetic laser machine arsenal of many dermatologists, aestheticians, doctors and other health professionals.

The Cutera Titan laser equipment also plays a crucial role in expanding the capabilities of other Cutera laser equipment, like the Cutera Xeo laser machine. By incorporating both the Cutera Titan laser equipment and the Cutera Xeo laser equipment together, laser practitioners have an opportunity to gain even more functionality from their Cutera laser systems. If you have a used or pre-owned Cutera Titan laser system or any used Cutera Titan laser heads at your practice that you no longer require the use of, will be happy to take them off your hands by paying you top dollar and getting you your money at a quick turnaround speed. Here at, we offer you three different options for selling your used cosmetic laser equipment or used medical laser equipment, so you can know without a doubt that you are getting good money on the sale of your used Cutera Titan laser system.

Cutera Titan Laser Features:

  • Infrared light heating system
  • Ability to sustain high levels of dermal heating to penetrate deeply
  • Easy to use to treat face, neck, abdomen and back
  • Can achieve success for patients in as little as 1 to 3 sessions
  • Electrical: 110 volt

Cutera Titan Laser Machine Applications:

  • Dermal heating for strained muscles
  • Wrinkle reduction

Cutera Titan Laser Heads and Laser Handpieces:

  • Cutera Titan V laser head
  • Cutera Titan XL laser head
  • Cutera Titan S laser head

If you are in the market to sell your used Cutera Titan laser machine or your pre-owned Cutera Titan laser handpieces, offers top dollar for used cosmetic laser equipment, medical laser equipment and aesthetic laser equipment, and we also guarantee that you will get your money at a quick turnaround speed. With, you have three different options for the sale of your used Cutera Titan laser equipment, which are an outright sale of your used Cutera Titan laser machine, a consignment sale fully coordinated by or a rental/re-lease agreement to add your pre-owned Cutera Titan laser equipment or used Cutera Titan laser heads to our extensive fleet of rental/re-lease laser machines and laser handpieces. Contact us today, and a representative will work with you directly to help you determine which of these three options will get you the most money from the sale of your used Cutera Titan laser equipment.

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