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We Buy Used Cutera Laser Equipment

As one of the top medical laser systems and cosmetic laser equipment providers around, Cutera laser machines and Cutera laser equipment have a reputation for holding their value. If you had purchased Cutera laser systems and now wish to sell them, can you help you get the most bang for the bucks you spent on your used Cutera laser machine. If you are ready to sell your used cosmetic laser, used medical laser or used aesthetic laser, one of our representatives will help you get top dollar for your Cutera lasers, either through outright purchase, consignment sale or a rental/re-lease agreement.

Throughout the company’s history, Cutera lasers have built a reputation for the way the laser equipment combines light with lasers to result in procedures ranging from the invasive and intense as well as non-invasive procedures that require no downtime for patients. Cutera laser machines have a variety of functions in today’s health practices, dermatology clinics and medical spas, including treating vascular problems, fractional and ablative skin resurfacing, non-ablative skin laxity and hair removal. Nestled in the tech company friendly San Francisco Bay Area, Cutera laser machines have been manufactured since the company’s founding in 1998. Today, Cutera cosmetic lasers and Cutera aesthetic lasers are sold around the world. The Cutera laser company states that around 4,000 of its cosmetic laser machines and aesthetic laser machines are in use by medical practitioners and cosmetic physicians. Cutera lasers further service their purchasers by allowing them access to the company’s webinars to keep laser operators up to date on all the latest developments and laser uses.

Once you have determined that your used Cutera laser system will no longer work for your health practice or medical spa, that used laser machine can certainly benefit someone else. will handle all the details in purchasing your laser, whether you opt for our outright sale, consignment sale or re-lease/rental option, and get you a quick turnaround as well as a good selling price for your used Cutera laser.

Cutera Titan Laser Equipment

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The Cutera Titan laser equipment differs from many other cosmetic lasers and medical lasers on the market because it relies on infrared light as opposed to more traditional laser technology. By utilizing infrared light, the Cutera Titan laser machine is capable of reaching deep in to the dermal layers of the skin to complete dermal […]

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Cutera Solera Laser Equipment

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The Cutera Solera laser machine regularly appears in the offices of dermatologists, aestheticians and health professionals because of the laser equipment’s many different functions as a cosmetic laser machine and an aesthetic laser machine. Through the two configurations of the Cutera Solera laser system, which are the Cutera Solera Titan laser machine and the Cutera […]

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Cutera Xeo Laser Equipment

The Cutera Xeo laser system rightfully has earned a reputation as being one of the most versatile aesthetic lasers and cosmetic lasers on the market. In fact, one Cutera Xeo laser machine actually serves the purposes of a number of different laser machines because of all the treatment options that become available through the use […]

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