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We Buy Used Candela Laser Handpieces

Used Candela laser heads and used Candela laser handpieces can fetch you top dollar quickly if you opt to sell them through, an industry leader in the laser buying industry. pays well and pays quickly for used cosmetic laser heads, used aesthetic laser heads and used medical laser heads from many top brands, including Candela. In addition to buying used Candela laser machines and used Candela laser equipment, we offer three options for the purchase of your used Candela laser heads and used Candela laser handpieces, which are an outright sale, a consignment sale or a rental/re-lease agreement. Contact directly to speak with one of our representatives and discover which of these three options will help you get the most money the quickest from the sale of your used Candela laser heads.

Although today Candela laser equipment and its manufacturer Candela is owned by the Syneron laser company, the brand of Candela laser machines and Candela laser heads has continued to be popular and trusted among medical professionals and aestheticians for more than 40 years. Candela laser machines and Candela laser handpieces combine to achieve a number of medical, aesthetic and cosmetic functions, which include tattoo removal, hair removal, lesion and pigment removal and skin rejuvenation. Some of the most popular combinations of Candela laser heads, Candela laser machines, Candela laser equipment and Candela laser handpieces include the Candela GentleMAX, the Candela GentleLASE and the Candela GentleYAG. Of course, Candela laser handpieces are also well known for the used of the company’s exclusive Dynamic Cooling Device skin protection technology, which helps make aesthetic, cosmetic and medical laser treatments more comfortable for patients.

Contact today and find out which of our laser buying options of consignment sale, outright purchase or rental/re-lease program will net you the most money from the sale of your used Candela laser heads and used Candela laser handpieces.