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Sell Your Alma Laser Handpieces

Used Alma laser heads and used Alma laser handpieces can be purchased by, just like used Alma laser machines and used Alma laser equipment. By opting to sell your used cosmetic laser heads and used medical laser handpieces to, you can ensure that your used Alma laser heads continue to make money for you long after they have become unnecessary for your health practice or medical spa. At, we offer three options for the sale of your used Alma laser handpieces, and one of our representatives will work with you one on one to determine how you can get the most money the fastest out of the sale of your Alma laser heads. can purchase your used laser heads outright, handle all the details of your consignment sale or add your used laser handpieces to our fleet of rental/re-lease laser equipment.

Alma laser equipment and Alma laser machines have long had a reputation as some of the most versatile and effective cosmetic laser equipment and aesthetic laser machines on the market for medical professionals and aestheticians. Some of the most popular Alma laser machines on the market include the Alma Accent, the Alma Soprano, the Alma Harmony and the Alma Pixel. A number of Alma laser heads are on the market to correspond with these Alma laser machines, including the Alma Accent XL, the Alma Soprano XL and the Alma AFT 650. These Alma laser handpieces work with Alma lasers to achieve a number of aesthetic and cosmetic functions, including hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne treatments and lesion removal.

If you are looking to unload your used Alma laser handpieces and used Alma laser heads, can give you top dollar for your used laser equipment and get you a quick turnaround on that money too. Through our options of consignment sale, outright purchase and rental/re-lease agreements, we will help you find the best way to get the most money out of your used Alma laser heads.