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Aesthera PPx+ Laser Equipment

Aesthera PPx+ laser machines have gained a reputation as one of the safest and most effective cosmetic lasers and aesthetic lasers on the market. The Aesthera PPx+ laser machine has the unique feature of only operating when complete skin contact has been made, which makes it one of the safest lasers around. Because of this feature, Aesthera PPx+ laser equipment is not only safe but also comfortable for patients. No anesthetic is necessary for cosmetic treatments or aesthetic treatments made by the Aesthera PPx+ laser machine, which means that dermatologists, health practitioners and aestheticians can complete treatments quickly, safely and painlessly for patients. The Aesthera PPx+ laser equipment also exhibits remarkable versatility and can be used effectively for a number of treatments, including acne treatments, hair removal, vascular lesion removal, skin rejuvenation, light based skin rejuvenation, deep pore purification and pigmented lesion removal.

With such in demand capabilities, dermatologists, aestheticians and health practitioners continue to want Aesthera PPx+ laser machines for their practices, so even if you have decided that your used Aesthera PPx+ laser equipment is no longer of benefit to you, it will certainly be of value to someone else. When you want to sell your pre-owned Aesthera PPx+ laser machine or used Aesthera PPx+ laser equipment, contact, because we are the industry leader in laser buying when it comes to paying top dollar for used medical laser equipment, used cosmetic laser equipment and used aesthetic laser equipment. will also buy any used Aesthera PPx+ laser handpieces or used Aesthera PPx+ laser heads that work in conjunction with your Aesthera PPx+ laser machine. When purchases your used Aesthera PPx+ laser machine, used Aesthera PPx+ laser equipment or used Aesthera PPx+ laser heads, we will make sure you get the most money out of the sale of your used Aesthera PPx+ laser equipment by deciding if our outright purchase, consignment sale or rental/re-lease program will get you the money from your sale the fastest.

Aesthera PPx+ Laser Features:

  • Standard treatment mode
  • Deep pore cleansing
  • Safety mechanism that does not allow operation unless full skin contact is achieved
  • Operating radius of 70 inches
  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12 inches x 16.5 inches x 15 inches
  • Electrical: 115V/230V with single phase grounded outlet

Aesthera PPx+ Laser Machine Applications:

  • Hair removal
  • Acne treatments
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Light based skin rejuvenation
  • Vascular lesion removal
  • Pigmented lesion removal

Contact today if you are interested in selling your used Aesthera PPx+ laser machine or pre-owned Aesthera PPx+ laser equipment. Not only will buy your used Aesthera PPx+ laser machine for a great price, we will also get you your money quickly. In order to get the most money out of the sale of your used Aesthera PPx+ laser equipment, offers you three different options for the sale of your Aesthera PPx+ laser machine. A representative will help you determine if an outright purchase, a consignment sale or a rental/re-lease agreement will get you the most money at the fastest speed from the sale of your used Aesthera PPx+ laser equipment.

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